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Back to School Lunchboxes

Back to School Lunch sets

All items linked below:

This alphabet garland is SO CUTE! Perfect for school photos and you can use it for many years. Donate it to a school when done! Exact product linked here: but there is a cheaper option here:

These stainless steel kids water bottles are great, they actually keep things cold. You can find them here and at time of this post they are the lowest price they’ve been in 30 days.

I swear by these Pack It’s! The best for lunch and for snacks. The snack size bag is also good for storing 2 small bottles of formula or breast milk. Snack size: Lunchbox size:

Thermos I think speaks for itself:

Bentgo box linked here: My friends love these and they make cute ice packs for them here: I personally use the Pack it so I use these containers which fit easily inside the lunchbox along with more snacks: Honestly great for adult lunchables too.

This is a fancier combination of thermos and bento box and I might give it a try. I think the price is worth it honestly to be able to include hot food into one container. Linked here:

How cute are these lunchbox notes?



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